Join Our Club

dream, believe, hustle, achieve

Who Can Join

Any 5th-8th grade student at Sandridge School can join.

What should I expect?

There are no simple secrets here: everything we do requires work. We’ll meet (online first, in person when possible) for a “Big Idea” once a month. These are longer workshops, up to two hours long.

We have smaller meetups each week to work on habits and strategies, and to update one another on what we are doing or seek help. These are a great time to ask questions, to show off what you are working on, or to help others by sharing the story of a failure and how you overcame it so they can learn from you. Expect to be asked “what are you working on?” a lot. We don’t all do the same things, but everyone here is working on something.

When we aren’t together in person, we make use of our private forum and chat server to keep in touch.

What should I be ready for?

Be ready to work on this for the long-term. This isn’t like school, you don’t finish a project in a day or a week and get done with it. When Warren Buffet–one of the world’s first and best-known multi-billionaire investors–was asked why more people aren’t as rich as him, even though he has written many books explaining his methods, Buffet explained:

“Nobody wants to learn how to get rich slow.”

Any one of you has it in you to achieve great things, but the truth is that only a few will. The difference isn’t who is the smartest, who is the best-looking, who is the healthiest, or who had the best computer or the most expensive clothes. The difference is who quit, and who built the right habits and kept going, month after month and year after year, even when things were hard, and even when they had to learn and change along the way.

Be brave enough to get rich slowly.