dream, believe, hustle, achieve

We’ve all heard or said the words:

“School is boring.”

“School doesn’t matter.”

“I’ll never use this.”

“Our kids are behind.”

As a kid, I wished that I wasn’t in school. It never felt that useful.

As a parent, I worried about how to give my kid a good enough start in a world where we couldn’t predict future challenges, and everything seemed so expensive and out of reach.

Looking For Students Who Hustle

If only 5%, or 1/20, of a community builds wealth, the community as a whole becomes wealthier. So why aren’t we rich yet?

It takes hard work to build the skills and habits to create something from nothing, and that first 5% have to work harder than everyone else.

Maybe your dream is the money for a big house, the freedom to travel, never worrying about bills, or only working when you want to work. Maybe you want an exciting job, to be your own boss, or to support a big family.

The younger you are when you start chasing your dream, the more likely you are to catch it.

You don’t have to have perfect grades to join, and it doesn’t cost any money. You just have to be a 5th-8th grader at Sandridge and ready to do the work.

Why This?

I graduated from Sandridge in 1996.

We didn’t have the things that kids from wealthy schools did. I had to find my way into the professional world as an outsider, and get ahead without anyone to teach me about money, business in the modern world, or how to build a career.

One of my favorite books is The CEO Next Door, which talks about the things a person misses out on learning when one doesn’t grow up in the same neighborhood as business leaders. That book taught me a lot about being a good executive.

It also made me think about how the people who graduate from Sandridge and become successful never go back. Our students grow up without enough successful examples around them to give them the head start of growing up in a community of success.

I’m coming back. If I can pass on some of what I learned, I hope to make it easier for the next kid and the next kid.

How It Works

Monthly “Big Idea”

Each month, our group works on a project to learn about business, personal finance, or the skills we need to be successful. We’ll be constantly learning little habits and life hacks, too, but the “big ideas” are deep dives.

Supply Drops

Books and supplies are provided to each student in drop-off packages. Supply drops go to the home during distance learning, then are handed out at school when we’re back.

Talks, Mentoring, & Challenges

Our online group (and in-person meetings once allowed) will include talks from successful people in a variety of careers, mentorship opportunities, and personal challenges.