Sandridge Success

Building opportunities for students who think big.

Lots of people are quick to point out what you don’t have, and who has it better than you. Some say to give up now. Others will tell you who hate and who to imitate, how to take the safe path and try not to lose too much. What they won’t tell you is how to win.

Winning means different things to different people.

In our club, we won’t tell you what to work on or what to study. You don’t have to try out or have the best grades. Here, you show up and you work on what is most important to you. As long as you are working, and supporting your teammates, you’re one of us. Learn more or join us now.

Winning takes work, a network, and knowledge. The work is up to you, we’ll show you the rest.

Phone: (708) 895-2450

Supply Drops

Every month, each student receives a supply drop with the things they'll need for the month's activities.


Big Ideas

Each month, we look at a new Big Idea and learn to fit it in with how we learn, work, and more.



We support one another on our journeys, and enjoy talks and visits from thinkers, doers, and experts from all walks of life.